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Accounting dissertation

Accounting dissertation


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Accounting is one of the most difficult subjects that you may handle during your academic studies. However, it plays a significant role in numerous areas of business and is also popularly known as the language of business.

Accounting is essential to handle the important business activities like recording, reporting of financial deals and analysis of commercial transactions.
Thus, it helps in business development by maintaining the important records, so knowledge of accounting techniques plays a significant role if one wants to start his /her own business.

What are the different accounting types?

There are various types of accounting that serves different purposes. You can collect more information for your accounting dissertation from our top consultants at Dissertation Consultancy.

  • Financial accounting: This field of accounting is useful to report company's commercial position and also handles the financial matters of external parties. The results are recorded & summarized through financial reports and statements.The fields included in financial accounting are: Maintaining balance sheets, recording income statements, and maintaining cash flows.
  • Fund accounting: It is very important to keep records of the financial expenditure for the non-profit entities, so it is generally used by these type of entities. The funds are of two types- general funds and special funds. General funds are used for the routine works whereas special funds are used for specific activities.
  • Auditing: Auditing is an important process that examines and verify the company's accounts. Auditing is done by the auditors who are highly trained person's to examine the requirements of an organization and identifies the potential weakness so that it can be timely removed.
  • Management accounting: This accounting branch manages the reports and accounts that provide timely financial information. This information is very much essential to make important decisions related to business.
  • Tax Accounting: It is the field of accounting that handles the preparation of tax returns for both the state & federal level for individual companies. The tax accounting is handled by the tax accountants who are the certified accountants.
  • Forensic accounting: This field of accounting is used in legal matters that includes investigation, dispute resolution, etc.

The various fields of accounting mentioned above bear a great importance and must be included in your accounting dissertation. However, if you want any guidance over this topic, you can consult our expert consultants of Dissertation Consultancy.

Reach us to get the best consulting services from our experts:

  1. Topic selection: The consultants help you to select a topic of your interest and define the scope of your selected project.
  2. Literature reviews and problem statements: They help you in developing an approach to review the literature that includes searching, summarizing, evaluating and provides a coherent conceptualizing.
  3. Methodology: The experts help you in developing measurable research questions and hypotheses by using sampling methods & data collecting plans.
  4. Helps in editing: The consultants analyze your document and make required changes in relation to content structure, style, clarity, tone, description level, grammar & punctuation. They also ensure that all the concepts are used adequately.
  5. Helps to defend your dissertation: The experts help in preparing you for your dissertation defense.

Our experts help you at each stage of your dissertation by analyzing your report thoroughly. Dissertation Consultancy is the platform where you will receive complete guidance for your accounting dissertation.

With the help of prominent consultants qualified from recognized universities of the US & UK such as Newcastle University, University of Leeds and Lancaster University, etc, you will be able to submit an outstanding dissertation that awards you best grades in your academics.

At, Dissertation Consultancy you will get “professionals” who assist you at each level of your dissertation and “not doers”, and our entire team of 150+ consultants work according to this strategy.
So, Contact us for getting the best consultation that helps you in developing the best accounting dissertation that in- turn helps you to meet your desired goals.

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