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Professional APA and Academic Editing for your Dissertation

You have to take expert help to make the formatting of your papers perfect, as the citing has to be concise, orderly, and direct. For dissertations and various other academic papers, APA is the most preferred citing style.

Over 2000 doctoral candidates have approached our highly professional editors because APA is considered as the most strict and confusing style. You can get in touch with us, if:

  • You get confused with the use of 'that' or 'which'.
  • The conventional and non-conventional rules make you frustrated.
  • It's taking too long to present the scientific material with specific guidelines.
  • You fail to maintain the consistency and readability in between citing the resources.

Our expert editors will comprehensively check your papers for specific formatting instructions and will format your document to meet the expectations of the doctoral committee.

The professional editing service at Dissertation Consultancy doesn't limit with APA only, our experts are well-versed with various other formatting styles as well. We provide academic editing for almost all referencing styles such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian etc.

The APA Referencing Style Guide

You must have received the general guidelines in the university manual, which requires standard sized paper, a 12 point Times New Roman Font, and one inch margins on each side. Though APA is considered as a difficult style, it is the widely used format. Few rules are listed below to let you get an idea of the standard:
Headings: You can use three levels of headings in your dissertation, and the font can be Times New Roman or Courier.
Language: The style will be more subjective for you, as you can't use biased language, ethnic labels or any offensive words.
Capitalization: According to the APA guidelines, you should capitalize the names of the departments, name of the tests, major words of the headings etc. Also, make sure, to not to capitalize the names of any hypothesis.
Numbering: APA style requires to spell out fractions and expressions; numbers in starting of the sentence should also be spelled, and numbers above 10 must be mentioned in a numeric form. Percentage sign(%) can be used in table while using in the text, you are supposed to spell it out, e.g. “five percent”.
Charts, tables and Figures: Statistical tables must be labeled with accurate description and consecutive numbering. Do not use alphabets to mention charts and figures, you should use a figure number and captions must be aligned with the axis of the object.

If you find difficulties in using the format style, then it is highly advised to get help from an expert editor, who is closely intimated with the rules. Our consultants will provide line-by-line assistance to check, if your work follows the conventions of APA style or not.

Editing Process at Dissertation Consultancy

Our reviewing and editing process consists of few major stages, which are:

  • Formatting: Numbered lists, appendix formatting, table of contents, organizing headings, body formatting, removing bullets and bolding, creating proper headers and footers, figure and table captions, numeration, organizing block quotes, preparing approval sheets, front matter set-up, proper spacing, table formatting and pagination.
  • Grammar Check: Capitalization, over-quotation, anthropomorphism, comma use, first-person elimination,consistency of style, flow, identification of overly-subjective tone, parallelism, passive voice, punctuation, redundancy, removing relative time reference, scholarly precision, subject-verb agreement and contractions.
  • Reference and Citations: We identify missing references and verify footnotes one by one according to the formatting standards.
  • APA: We check italic usage, capitalization, punctuation, numbering, and validation of source information.
  • MLA: We check formatting guidelines including italic usage, punctuation and publisher formatting.
  • Chicago: For this style we check font style and parentheses usage of footnotes and references.
  • Harvard: We check usage of italics, punctuation, capitalization and ampersand.
  • Turabian: For this style we check capitalization, punctuation, font size, font style, spacing, publisher location, and parentheses usage of footnotes.

Bibliography: Our experts can help you to draft a bibliographic document right from a scratch or can assist you to use various bibliographic systems, such as RefWorks, EndNote etc.

Reference Updating: We provide consultation for updating references that are 4-5 years old.

APA and Academic Editing Help: Why Choose Us

For successful submissions, it is essential to format your work in the recommended style. Thousands of academic researchers placed trust in our one-to-one assistance and first-rate editing services. Below is a list of reasons that makes our editing services stand out of the rest, take a look:

  • Our Expertise: Apart from the research work, formatting the dissertation comes with its own set of challenges. Our team of Ph. D. consultants are specialists from world's top universities and well aware of formatting guidelines of lots of universities, including Walden, Capella, Northcentral University, Nova, Argosy, Grand Canyon, University of Phoenix, etc.
  • Various Academic Styles: Our dissertation editing department comprises of Ph. D. holders, who are proficient in using various academic styles of formatting such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian etc.
  • One-to-one Assistance: We provide personalized guidance to each of client for various processes of editing the dissertation, like grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, formatting, presentations, reviewing the references and citations. You'll be alloted with a dedicated project manager throughout the entire process, who will offer 24*7 assistance to you.
  • Approval Guaranteed: When you will get your papers edited by our team of experts, your work will be approved at the first submission. However, we also answer immediately to any sort of revision requests.
  • Turnaround Times: We pride ourselves to promise the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Our consultants will answer all your questions within 24 hours.
  • Reasonable Pricing: We provide customized assistance, designed especially for students. Thus, our pricing structure is moderate and comparatively low to suit your budget.

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