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Need help with the Data Analysis Chapter of your Dissertation

You have to have a specialization to draft the fourth chapter of your dissertation, which includes:

  • Perceiving synopsis of the research outcomes.
  • Main epilogue drawn by the tests conducted.
  • Summarization of data preparation techniques.
  • A brief overview of experimental and quantitative studies.

If words like data analysis and reasoning seem the biggest hurdle in the way of your progress, then you can ask for expert assistance from our team of highly efficient statisticians.

So far, we have helped 2000+ Ph.D. candidates with their data analysis chapter. Our team of 50+ statistics experts are closely intimate with software packages like SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, LISREL/AMOS/EQS to perform statistical analysis of your research.

Data Analysis: Structure

Apart from simply explaining the data that you have collected, a relation between the reasons and results has to be described while inscribing the chapter of data analysis. Make sure that you have followed the recommended format and the analysis is comprehensive enough for the research committee.

Below is a structure of this chapter that you have to follow while inscribing:

  • The introduction section incorporates a brief overview of the research objectives. This portion also includes data type, methods of data collection and assumptions of the study.
  • After the intro part, the next portion depends upon the type of research conducted. There are three major principals of reporting the research, which are as follows:
  • Experimental Studies: Your data will be presented in tabular or graphical forms if your research in based on experimental studies.
  • Quantitative Studies: You have to describe the sample in accordance with the general guidelines of displaying the data for statistical analysis.
  • Qualitative Studies: You have to produce a large quantity of research material if you have done qualitative study of your data. Hence, it needs lots of headings and subheadings to reflect your analysis.
  • In the next part, conclude every question to draw an insight of the research.
  • The last section consists of a summary, which provide a review of the work.

Practical Tips to Draft Data Analysis

In order to report the comprehensive summary of the results that you have to communicate the information in an easy to understand manner. Below is a list of top tips that can really help you to improve your skills to finish the chapter without any complexity:

  • First and foremost requirement of any research is data collection, thus make sure what to include in this chapter. Needless to say, you should not include raw data in this chapter, however, to save all the raw data for appendices is also not a great idea. Get an expert guidance to be ensured of the data involvement in this part.
  • A good and useful tip to improve the readability is to start with an introductory para, and later refer all your analysis with the literature review.
  • A great way to make your work impressive is, to use a structure similar to that of a literature review chapter. This way, it will be helpful to present the analysis in a familiar manner.
  • Keep your paper error free and avoid using jargons. Otherwise, it will lose the readers attention.
  • You can also provide the definitions of technical terms at the end of the chapter to make it more straightforward.

The base of your whole research is the analysis chapter. Thus, you have to showcase the best in you while drafting this part. All the outputs must be presented in a lucid manner to impress the research committee. Don't feel stuck if you are not sure of what is right for you, our team of 150+ Ph. D. specialists are here to guide you. You also can get the ability to pen down in an effective way with the help of our expert analysts.

Consultancy for Data Analysis

The chapter must be self-explanatory to captivate the attention of your professors right away. You have to follow a certain drafting and formatting style to draft this chapter. Get our assistance to draft this section. Usually, our procedure of consultation goes in the below-given phases:

  • Our experts will review the data set and methodology of your study.
  • After we understand your work and specific requirements, we produce a plan to start with the analysis chapter.
  • We can also guide you at data collecting and formatting phase if required.
  • Finally, we will conduct data analysis on the basis of your data set and selected software package.
  • At this phase, we provide final results of this chapter, such as tables and figures.
  • You can ask for APA edit or any other formatting style recommended by your university.
  • We will help you to draft the summary of this chapter, which is an overview of your findings.
  • We provide unlimited revisions for the above stages of the procedure. Also, we will help you to explain the results.

Our team of statisticians comprises of professors from reputed American and UK universities, who are proficient with almost all the statistical methods and software packages. Get in touch with us to get your work done within 3-4 working days and that too at a budget friendly price.

Samples of Our Work

1. Qualitative Data Analysis

The Nature of Qualitative Research• The term qualitative research refers to studies that investigate the quality.

2. Quantitative Data Analysis


• Quantitative analysis involves the techniques by which researchers convert data to

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