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Dissertation Editing

Dissertation Editing


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Expert Dissertation Editing Services

Dissertation editing is the most crucial step, as to get an affirmative nod by the examiners, it is highly expected that your work is error-free and according to the university guidelines. You would not have been able to earn a degree until you get your research approved by the committee. 

So far, 2000+ doctoral candidates have approached us, because:

  • They failed to sharpen their thesis argument.
  • They couldn't identify the gaps in their dissertation.
  • The academic style of sentence structure was very confusing for them.
  • Disciplinary issues of grammatical and spelling conventions are difficult.
  • It was pretty frustrating to follow the department’s formatting manual.

If you have prepared the dissertation, then leave the confusing job of editing for us. The team of 150+ professional Ph.D. editors will make sure that your dissertation journey will pass without anymore hurdles.

Who needs a Professional Editor?

A thorough proofreading to correct the factual and spelling errors is not enough to make your work up to the mark. In order to leave no room for rejections, you have to hire a professional editor to save the time and efforts of doing the whole work again. You will need a third party expert to go through you work because:

  1. Only an expert can see the possible reasons for rejections in your work.
  2. Proficient editors know the required ingredients of a successful dissertation.
  3. A sound knowledge of grammar is not enough; only an expert will ensure that facts and quotes are inserted properly.
  4. Someone skilled person can only tell you the gaps in the structure of the chapters of your thesis.
  5. Readability should be maintained while citing the resources, and this can be done if you get in touch with an expert.

Editors will proof read the dissertation for you and can motivate you by telling the secrets to improve the productivity of your dissertation. This is the reason that professional editing of scientific and scholarly publications is high in demand.

Types of Editors at Dissertation Consultancy

Our staff comprises of Ph.D. holders from elite British and American universities, who are well-versed with the formatting guidelines of almost all the universities in the world, along with the expertise of various referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian etc.

In order to provide professional editing services, we have a team of various types of editors, which are listed below:

Developmental Editors: A part of our editing department consists of professionals that focus on the overall organization of your work. This type of editors will assist you throughout the process of developing a research concept, incorporating the required evidences and investigating the flow of your work. The sharpest readers, in the form of developmental editors, are here to help you out; so don't wait and get in touch with us now.

Copy Editors: These are the mechanical editors that diagnose your dissertation on the basis of the structure, style, tone, etc. They will read your work to address jargons and voice issues in your dissertation. Their core duty is to meet the formatting guidelines provided by your department. From spellings to punctuation semantics and from tables & figures to proper citations, it's their goal to make your work 100% accurate.

Be it graduate, post-graduate or doctoral level, we provide comprehensive editing services for all academic levels. Our expertise to look after the specific requirements of thesis and dissertation editing provides what it needs to get success in the first attempt.

Our Dissertation Editing Services

When we get an editing request, our experts will review the document and edit the entire work in the below mentioned stages:

  • Formatting: We'll make sure that your papers follow the required guidelines for fonts, spacing, margin, layout, etc.
  • Grammar Check: Next, our native English editors will correct any sort of errors in the grammar and punctuation.
  • Reference & Citations: We have a dedicated editing department that closely examines your work to address any issues in the referencing style. Be it Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA, Turabian, etc. our staff is well-versed with the standards of each style.
  • Bibliography: Either our experts will format the bibliography for your or will let you know how to use the various bibliographic systems such as RefWorks and EndNote efficiently.
  • Reference Update: While editing the references, we make sure not to use any outdated reference in your work.

What Makes Our Services Stand Out Of The Rest

There are lots of editing services available in the industry that claim to be the best, but thousands of doctoral candidates pick the highly efficient editors at Dissertation Consultancy, because:

  • We are a full-service editing firm that offers editing assistance for each stage of the dissertation and thesis.
  • Our editors are subject specialists. Therefore, we can claim that each research comes under the scope of knowledge of our team.
  • We have a team of 150+ Ph.D. specialists that are well aware of various formatting and documentation styles.
  • We are the one with the fastest turnaround time of 24 hours in the industry.
  • Our moderate pricing structure is designed for students with a strict budget.

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No need to spend hours on making rigorous amendments to match the specific formatting and referencing guidelines; for our highly experienced editors, it's a matter of few moments to find out and correct the entire document. Contact us to get our highly-exceptional dissertation editing services today.

Dissertation editing is the most crucial step, as to get an affirmative nod by the examiners, it is highly expected that your work is error-free and according to the university guidelines.

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