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This paper reviews interdisciplinary education, analytics, and how the combination can create a higher-education curriculum that can help the IT industry fill jobs. Changes and innovations in higher education have been studied, debated, and reported in many publications (e.g., Alavi, 1994; Alavi, Wheeler & Valacich, 1994; Leidner & Jarvenpaa, 1993; Norman, 1992; Schlechter, 1990; Shneiderman, 1993; Shneiderman, Alavi, Norman & Borkouski, 1995). The technology fields deal with ever-changing landscapes where new concepts and approaches emerge incessantly. Employers, in an effort to increase their pool of qualified employees look to universities but there is a yawning gap in skillsets. Companies may decide to create internal training programs that require employees to define, investigate, and report on business problems that are relevant to them. Companies may also partner colleges to provide the desired skills through the creation of specialized higher-education curricula.

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