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Dissertation literature review

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Technical Assistance to Perform Dissertation Literature Review

The biggest and most difficult hurdle in the path of your dissertation can be the fifth chapter, where you have to critically review the previously published studies that are relevant to your work. An ill-performed review often fails to integrate the arguments of your research; this is why, every year thousands of students come to our research specialists to get assistance.

What is a Literature Review

It is a chapter of your research where no chances of faults are expected, as, in this part, you have to perform a significant review after understanding the existing literature. The synthesis has to be critical. Therefore, a flair for finding the most relevant literature is the backbone of your work.

A team of 150+ Ph.D. consultants can immediately help you out to sort the most pertinent data. We have a pool of bona fide subject specialists from elite universities all over the world, like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Walden, MIT, etc. Our consultancy services are the most recommended among doctoral and Ph.D. candidates across the globe. Get in touch with us to conduct a superior literature review and that too without wasting time or money anymore.

Problems in Literature Review

  • Even after spending months on skimming the vast data in the libraries, few candidates fall short of success, the basic reason that are experienced during the review are as follows:
  • Students don't really get full-text access to scholarly work that seems perfect for their research.
  • Major problem that the quality of the review performed by many students is quite shallow, that fail to impress the research committee.
  • Often, students can't present a theoretical background of the study.
  • Inability to identify the connection between their ideas and the publishings.
  • Most common mistake that students do is, they present an annotated bibliography instead of reviewing the current findings.
  • Usually, students are unaware of the citation styles. Hhence, the outcome is ill-structured review.

If you are facing any trouble in justifying the academic significance of your topic or its relation with the published literature, then Dissertation Consultancy can be the answer for all your doubts. Our team of highly experienced analysts can provide a coherent framework, to the literature review, exactly the way your supervisor are expecting.

Enhance the Literary Findings with Expert Assistance

We provide technical assistance to students, who are looking for a creative and strategic approach to conduct an outstanding literature review.

Our skillful guidance will make you able to find the information that is absolute and help you to connect with the previous research along with the exact amount of conciseness. Our assistance will make you able to find the gaps in the previous studies, which will eventually help you to identify an area for possible research.

We offer 24*7 assistance to make sure that you get guidance throughout the process of conducting the review. Our services won't be ceased until you get your work approved.

Why Choose Us

Don't make the common mistake, to summarize, your studies, get comprehensive help from the most preferred pool of consultants. Take a look at the key components that we serve to our clients:

  1. We have consistent access to vast databases like Ebsco Host, Blackwell Synergy, JSTOR, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, and Questia.
  2. We provide expert assistance right from the germinal stage of your research and continue it until the approval.
  3. Our experts are able to execute large searches online, in accordance with an expertise to generate a list of most useful keywords.
  4. We don't just provide citations and quotes, instead, will guide to contextualize the particular topic.
  5. We offer multiple perspectives of the literature to provide a balanced argument.
  6. Our analysts can also help with your bibliographic software files, Refworks, and Endnote.
  7. We provide citation editing services to match the specific requirements of your universities, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.

If the fear of searching through millions of scholarly work is making you weak to compare across the existing studies, then contact us now to understand the work with an in-depth apprehension.


1. The Literature Review

What is a literature review?A literature review is an objective, thorough summary and critical analysis.

2. A focused reading

Sources essential for LT • Sources are generally described as primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Our Guarantees

Our staff of 150+ Ph.D. made us pride to provide a first-rate consultation to 2000+ researchers. Come talk to us or just make a chat, and we will end your worries. Get custom help for dissertation literature review with following guarantees:

  • 100% confidential and completely safe assistance.
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee.
  • Free reports of Quality Assurance.
  • 24*7 support for one-to-one assistance.
  • Free plagiarism report.

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