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Craft Your Dissertation Methodology with Our Consultants

Got a big block of method selection on your way to the degree? Get outstanding assistance from our experts to carry out sound research work.

  • Methodology is the portion of your dissertation, where you
  • Access the reliable and valid survey tools.
  • Define a topic as a focused research question.
  • Determine the size of your sampling.
  • Specify the data analysis methods.

Often considered as the toughest part of the dissertation, methodology chapter determines and justifies the chosen techniques that you are going to used to conduct the research. You might be asked for rework or end up in trouble if you choose a wrong design or methods to perform the tests. Our team of 150+ research specialists from various academic disciplines can help you to pick the appropriate procedures.

It's always better to start correctly rather than doing the whole work again. Reach us out if things are not going right with your choice of methods.

How to start with Dissertation Methodology

This section includes the explanation that how you carried out the study, from where did you pick the data and what techniques did you use to perform the research? In short, this section demands justification of your work, such as how did you decide to pick the data gathering techniques and why they are important or how they successfully test the hypothesis of your research.

Dissertation Methodology: Structure

To perform an outstanding methodology, you have to introduce a scientific approach. Instead you include misleading details or meaningless questionnaires, discuss with you supervisor about the amount of details and description you should include.

Basic structure of a methodology includes following sections:

  • Philosophy: You have to describe your research paradigm in this portion. Positivism, post-positivism, and interpretivism are most common types of philosophies that you can adopt. Each of these involves various assumptions, thus keep in mind the area of your study, before you pick one.
  • Approach: Questions like what, where, why and how are going to be answered in this section. In general, it means you have to include the context of your study and it's limitations. Here you should also define the approach of your methods, be it qualitative or quantitative.
  • Research Design: Your strategies can be outlined in this portion, for instance, you should describe the way you collected the data and how are you going to examine it. You have to explain how did you collect the data with online surveys or interviews and is the collected data valid or reliable enough to test the hypotheses.
  • Analysis Methods: After describing the data collection strategy, you should explain the tools that you used to analyze the sampling, such as semiotics analysis or discourse analysis. In case you used any software tools, then you have to explain the reason of your selection of those tools.
  • Last Phase: In the ending section of your chapter, you have to describe the ethics, reliability, validity, generalization and limitations of the study.

Methodology assistance at Dissertation Consultancy

The procedure of our expert consultation falls in the below-given phases:

  • To understand the purpose of your study, first of all, our specialists will review of proposal and concept paper.
  • The next stage is to send you a suggestion document that carries most effective thoughts to draft the methodology.
  • We assist you throughout the process of creating the document, our research analysts can guide you to
  • Define the variables.
  • Create the hypothesis question.
  • Form a data analysis plan.
  • Validate the define constructs.
  • Conduct a power analysis.

Our guidance doesn't end with drafting the final document, our analysts will answer to all your revision requests until your papers get approved.

Samples of Our Work

Methodology and IRB

Research design is a blueprint with several components

 • Research method:

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