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Let Us Plan A Scoring Dissertation Proposal For You

The most painful task for a student is to produce a scholarly piece of 15-20 pages, to showcase the academic skills that he has developed throughout the course. Usually, students get niggled that they are too slow in drafting their proposals. In other words, if you feel like the proposal is the hardest part of your degree and is killing you, then it means that you can't push yourself to do more.

A good dissertation proposal is a mirror of your critical thinking. Hence, it is highly advised to develop strong arguments that support your research question and objectives of the study. It must comply with the key indicators of the Dissertation Minimum Standards Rubric, once approved it will be sent to IRB/URR at your university for further considerations; therefore, be ensured to gather and assemble the data according to the furnished guidelines.

Our team of 150+ research consultants can guide you to perform an outstanding literature review, methodological development and efficient listing of the bibliography. With our guidance, more than 2000 students have exceeded the expectations of the doctoral committee, If you want the same then get in touch with us to get expert consultation.

A brief guide of Dissertation Proposal

  • Prior to the dissertation submission, you have to submit a summarized paper that reflects:
  • The outline of your research topic.
  • A problem statement in context to your study.
  • Scope and importance of your research.
  • Approach to find an analysis or conclusion of the project.

Subject specialists at Dissertation Consultancy are Ph.D.s from world's top universities, like, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, MIT, etc. thus, make sure that we can help you to do more. You can always approach to let us contribute in the process of developing a first-rate dissertation proposal.

Major Points of a Proposal

The basic format and structure of a proposing statement may vary for each university. However, the major areas that you should include in your dissertation remains the same. Below are the main aspects that you should address in your proposal:

  • Introduction: A summary that defines the research objectives comes in the first chapter. Keeping it short and up to the point is the foremost expectation of professors. Thus, it's essential to develop an in-depth knowledge of the topic before you start working on it.
  • Problem Statement: Make sure that you have picked a topic that interests you, because in this part you have to present a background context of the issue along with it's significance with the academic field.
  • Literature Review: This part comprises of the list of literary findings, such as academic textbooks, scholarly review articles, primary journals related to your area of interest. You are analyzing the existing literature critically, so be focused while drafting this part.
  • Research Methodology: This portion clarifies your approach, as you describe your plan related to the methods of research and demonstrate that how you are going to relate these methods to your research question.
  • Bibliography: The next section consists of referencing the source material in a format recommended by the university.

Top Tips to Draft a Proposal

  • Needless to say, a good dissertation proposal requires spending countless hours. The below tips will be helpful if the unfinished papers are giving you sleepless nights.
  • It takes time to come up with a unique idea and tons of relevant literature. So be ready to dedicate at least six months to your statement.
  • In order to grasp a wide understanding of the topic, you need to review the literature thoroughly. It requires a rigorous amount of hard work to perform a review of the existing literature.
  • Keep in consistent touch with your mentors and doctoral committee, and value their time and advice. You may even ask for existing proposals to make the task little bit easier.

Our Consultation Process

  • Whenever you approach us, our research consultants will remain with you at every step of the entire process. The procedure of dissertation proposal assistance includes:
  • Comprehensive consultation for topic selection.
  • Help in developing the most favorable sampling strategy.
  • Guidance to gather relevant and significant research material.
  • Expert assistance to choose the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • APA and grammar editing and proof-reading of the entire proposal.
  • Active participation is preparing each chapter of the proposal.

Why Us

Don't believe on the mere advice given by the less-qualified firms. Get in touch with us to get expert guidance from the most qualified staff that have assisted more than 2000 students till now.

We are capable to meet the specific requirements of top universities like Capella, NCU, Walden, University of Phoenix, Argosy, Nova (NSU) and Grand Canyon University, hence contact us to get an assistance in the creation of your proposal.

Our area of expertise includes Management, Nursing, Law, Psychology, Business, Leadership, Education, Fashion, Economics, E-commerce, HRM and a lot more.

Samples of Our Work

Dissertation Proposal on Effectiveness of Online Advertising on Social Networking Sites.

The effect of the business cycle on the performance of socially responsible investments.

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We don't just say that we are the first choice of doctoral candidates, our unmatched services and guarantees are enough to prove that.

  • Confidentiality guaranteed with every consultation.
  • Free proofreading and unlimited revision.
  • Various referencing style such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee.
  • 24*7 support to focus on each project individually.

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