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Dissertation Qualitative Analysis Consultation

The hardest part of a dissertation is the analysis section, if you haven't conducted a comprehensive analysis, then get ready to face strenuous attacks of the doctoral committee. Dissertation Consultancy has assisted over 2000 students to find the loopholes in their methods of analysis.

With an extensive experience in a vast range of disciplines and approaches of qualitative analysis, our staff becomes able to answer all your issues, such as:

  • Firm reasons to use qualitative research methods.
  • Most appropriate qualitative approach for your study.
  • Validity and reliability issues is qualitative research.
  • Data collection methods that suits the best.
  • Process to analyze the qualitative data.

Our team of 150+ Ph.D. consultants offers continued and ongoing assistance to every academic field and degree program. Reach us out to get dedicated support for every stage of your dissertation.

Qualitative Analysis: A Brief Overview

Qualitative methods of research encompass a range of procedures to describe the phenomena or interpretation of collected data. Unlike quantitative analysis, this approach is not statistically significant, as there is a lack of the pre-coding system, and the researchers use verbal and behavioral data to classify the information.

The qualitative analysis focuses on a detailed description of the data. The biggest advantage of using this approach is that the uncertainty of human behavior can be recognized very easily.

Interviews, ethnographies, audio-video recordings and textual transcriptions are the most common methods to collect qualitative data. You should use this method if you want an ongoing and cyclical process to record and process the data for your research.

Most Common Qualitative Approaches

  • Research specialists at Dissertation Consultancy are well-versed with the renowned methods of qualitative analysis, most common of them are described here:
  • Ethnography: We use this particular approach if you want to study a broad area, such as the culture of an ethnic group. Most common method is participant observation, through which we help you to record field notes of any group or organization.
  • Phenomenology: Despite of being an approach, it's more of a philosophical perspective, where the candidate looks for pattern and trends to identify a belief. Our experts can help you to understand the subjective experiences and interpretations of a person for the society.
  • Typology: Traditional qualitative materials such as audio-video data can be quantified with the help of computer software packages like NVivo, Nud*ist, Atlas and HyperResearch. Our team can help you to categorize the data to identify trends and themes of various disciplines.
  • Grounded Theory: The complex iterative process of coding, memoing and making use of integrative diagrams to observe events and stating a new hypothesis comes in this approach. The strategy to develop testable hypothesis takes months, as new observations lead to multiple revisions, hence expert help is required if you choose this approach.
  • Other Approaches includes field research, logical or matrix analysis. These methods are based on reasoning. Thus, it code and analyze the data in various processes. Our assistance is available for conceptualizing and for crucial steps of designing table and figures.

Methods and Tools

The range of methods for qualitative analysis covers participant observation, direct observation, unstructured interviews and case studies. At Dissertation Consultancy a team has been specially designed for qualitative analysis that assists students to examine the sample size, design the survey questions, transcribe the interviews, code the data according to the university guidelines.

Our highly professional consultants are closely intimated with various data analysis software packages to help you with complex procedures like IRB documentation, data coding, along with interpretation and digitization of research materials.

To obtain a deepen understanding of a selected methods of analysis, it is essential to have a full-text access to scholarly databases. Our experts are adept with various online academic sources like JSTOR, EBSCOhost, Questia, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, Blackwell Synergy etc. Get in touch with us to acquire an in-depth study of the relevant literature.

Why Us

Call us now to get unlimited support for your qualitative bases research work. We offer expert help to design the research methodologies and for analyzing the qualitative data. With the most competitive pricing structure and fasted turnaround time of 24 hours, our qualitative data analysis services includes:

  • Classification
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Event Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
  • Constant Comparison
  • Analytic Induction
  • Logical Analysis
  • Conditional Matrix
  • Categorical Analysis
  • Constant Comparison

We provide end-to-end assistance throughout the process of drafting the dissertation. Give us a call to get specialized guidance for analyzing, determining and properly structuring the data analysis section of your dissertation.

Our Guarantees

Our staff of 150+ Ph.D. consultants made us pride to provide a first-rate consultation to thousands of doctoral candidates across the globe. Get custom help for dissertation qualitative analysis with following guarantees:

  • 100% confidential and completely safe assistance.
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee.
  • Free reports of Quality Assurance.
  • 24*7 support for one-to-one assistance.
  • Free plagiarism report.

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If you need any help then get in touch with us and save your time, we will guide you throughout the process of qualitative analysis, from understanding the user insights to data coding in the format required by the university.

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