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Get Help With Dissertation Structure From a Pool of Subject Specialists

An outstanding topic, with those remarkable research methods and an extraordinarily great content, can also be sent back by the committee to re-work, just because the standards and conventions were not maintained. The way you present the research defines the structure of your dissertation. It mainly depends on your academic field and the type of research you conduct.

In most universities, candidates are already given a general guideline of the specific department and are allowed to read the previously published studies to get an idea of the structure, but major reasons behind confusions are:

  • Number of independent variables and their outcomes, used in a study.
  • Befuddling between the format of journal articles and that of a book.
  • Unawareness of the differences between theoretical and empirical research.

A team of 150+ Ph.D. subject specialists at Dissertation Consultancy are well-versed with the structural guidelines of top universities like Nova, Southeastern, Argosy, Walden, Grand Canyon, Capella, etc. Get in touch with us to simplify the massive undertaking of defining the general layout of your research.

What The Structure Is All About

For some candidates outlining the work is extremely frustrating and time-consuming but if you know the basics, it becomes way too easy to craft the entire dissertation in lesser time span. Structure of a dissertation completely relies on the type of research, and basically there are two types of layouts followed by the doctoral candidates, such as:

Structure for qualitative and quantitative research: This format suits best to the studies that are based on tools and techniques to derive data out of a set of notions. The general layout is as follows:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results and Analysis
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography & Appendices

If you are doing empirical research, most likely you will follow this structure. However, the order of the chapters may alter depending upon the specific requirements of your department.

Structure for report style research: This type of studies are based on the analysis of the subject matter; a general outline for such kind of dissertation comprises of following chapters:


Chapter (linked essay 1)
Chapter (linked essay 2)
Chapter (linked essay 3)
Bibliography & Appendices

The chapters in the body part are text portions with subheadings; you can consider them as various parts of an essay. Length of the chapter may vary based on the theme of your research.

Things to Know About the Dissertation Structure

Obviously science dissertations are completely different from humanities. Hhence, there can't be an ideal structure for all types of studies. Apart from the expectations of the research committee, there are lots of other aspects that must be taken care of while structuring the dissertation, like:

  • While making efforts to keep the order of various chapters in mind, don't forget the structure of each chapter. Your arguments must not be undermined into an unclear outline, rather, make sure that persuasiveness is represented in a defined structure inside every chapter.
  • Regardless of the strength of the hypothesis, research work and academic significance, the quality of your work mainly depends on the structure. Hence, don't make it too complex even if the subject is not an easy one. Describe each aspect in a defined order. You are supposed to make your work straightforward and hassle free.
  • Just because the outline is pretty consistent, don't start working on it right when you collect the data. This way you will end up with lots of rework and an obscured layout. Take a note on the line of reasoning, just to make sure that ideas are linked exactly the way you want.

It's crucial to present the evidences in an acceptable flow, as your ideas must be presented in a desired way, without bending the universities guidelines. Research specialists at Dissertation Consultancy can help you with useful tactics like linear planning and concept mapping to make you stick with the required structure. Get in touch with us and get expert consultation right now.

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