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Dissertation Substantive Editing Sample

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Dissertation Substantive Editing Sample

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board (2002), linguistic and cultural hurdles can hinder effective communication and create complications in the workplace. This could create a sense of insecurity amongst employees. Day-to-day business operations can also be affected by perception barriers, prejudices, and stereotyping at work. Moreover, systemic barriers such as employment policies and practices can also affect the classifications of certain jobs to a great extent. For example, certain organizations expect potential candidates to have both educational as well as work experience credentials to suit their requirements. The board also states that this eliminates otherwise qualified applicants from the potential labor market. A large number of immigrants, including many refugees, come from their home countries already equipped with adequate educational qualifications and work experience. However, on account of the cultural gap and their limited communication skills, their experience-backed credibility does not count.

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