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Get Quality Assistance For Dissertation Transcription

One of the most laborious and time-consuming tasks of drafting a dissertation is to transcribe the research material. It will take forever to complete, like putting the research interviews into a format, which is compatible with the analysis software, requires diligence, accuracy and precision.

To draft a dissertation based on qualitative analysis, you have to collect and transcribe data from:

  • Interviews
  • Audio recordings
  • Video footage of meetings and seminars
  • Statements downloaded from the web

To make the data accessible, obtained by qualitative studies, it is essential to have a vigilant observation of the body language, facial expressions, changes in the tone of the person. A team of 150+ highly experienced research consultants from elite American and the UK universities, can answer all your Ph. D. transcription needs with guaranteed accuracy.

Point to Consider Before Transcription

  • The success of a qualitative study is totally based on the quality of the data you collect, as clarity of the recording can lessen the number of revisions and can increase the accuracy. The key factors of an error-free transcription are as follow:
  • Your skills: Polish your typing skills before you start interpreting the data, it will be beneficial if you are a touch typist. Set targets for daily transcription rates, a break is important to attain the high level of accuracy.
  • The Equipments: Usually, interviews are recorded in a digital format. Therefore, you will need a computer and software to transcribe the data. Use a software that allow to slow the speed or comes with features
  • like background play and pause.
  • Quality: Academic transcriptions are supposed to be done in a fixed time frame because students don't have the liberty to exceed the deadlines. Thus, make sure to record the best possible quality for the research interviews, like wasting time on rewinding the audio will slow down the transcription speed.
  • Pre-transcription: Right after recording the interview, you are advised to listen the whole tape twice. This way your memory will improve and you can make room for a higher level of accuracy while transcribing the material.
  • Format: To avoid misunderstandings, you should use a format like a drama, such as putting names and colon signs, to text the transcription. Make sure to follow the format, which is compatible to the analysis software.
  • Editing: Inaccurate transcriptions are unethical. Hence, it is highly essential to be confident about the accuracy before you start editing. Fix any grammatical errors and keep track of qualifiers and connectives, as you should not add or delete words.
  • Review: This stage means you have to reread the text again and again to check the accuracy. You should also make sure that your readers don't feel offended with the profanity of your transcription. Offensive words should be replaced with a dash without changing the context of the interviewee.

Transcription Service at Dissertation Consultancy

The customized approach of our highly professional transcriptionists, along with faster turnaround times made us the first choice of 2000+ researchers. Getting assistance from us will benefit you in several ways, as:

  1. With the help of our efficient transcriptionists, we provide the highest accuracy in a short time.
  2. Various formats of digital media are accepted for transcription services, like MP3, WMA, AS, WAV, MPEG4, RA, MOV, DSS, etc.
  3. Our expertise doesn't limit with interviews, seminars or focus groups, instead we accept various forms of qualitative data.
  4. After transcribing the research data, we can further help you to upload the results on qualitative software packages like NUD*IST, HyperResearch, Nvivo, AtlasTi etc.
  5. Get in touch with us to get transcribing services for various qualitative approaches like phenomenology, grounded theory and content analysis.
  6. We have years of experience of 100% transcription accuracy. Our expert transcribers have worked for doctoral candidates from world's top universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Brown and Georgetown.
  7. Our consultation comprises of personalized one-to-one assistance via email or phone.

Do you have an onerous task of organizing and assimilating audio recordings into text transcripts for your research? If yes, then hire the team of bona fide transcriptionists and stenographers to ensure the highest degree of service. Our pricing structure is quite affordable and 24*7 assistance will definitely make your order a beneficial experience.

Our Guarantees

Our work doesn't stop with transcription; we will join you in the process of getting your papers approved. Our support staff will be here to answer all your queries.

Our guarantees which make us stand out of the rest:

  • Free reports of Quality Assurance.
  • Unlimited revision facility.
  • 100% confidential and completely safe assistance.
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee.
  • 24*7 support for provide individual assistance.

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