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E-commerce dissertation

E-commerce dissertation


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Are You Searching for the Best E-commerce Dissertation Consultancy Services?

E-commerce is the field that mainly deals with buying and selling of goods & services, marketing & customer support over the Internet. It can also be expressed as the exchange of information through an electronic medium at any stages like within a firm, between different organizations & between business and consumers, etc.

E-commerce or we can say “Electronic Commerce” helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a business organization. It is an effective way of business because it allows to conduct business globally 24/7 that serve as a major advantage of being online.

Different categories of E-commerce are:

E-commerce can be mainly divided into 4 categories that are:

  1. Business-to-Business or B2B: This field of e-commerce deals between different business entities. It is mainly used in the areas like distribution management, channel management, inventory and supplier management.
  2. Business- to-Consumer or B2C: This field of e-commerce manages the business activities between the businesses and the consumers. It deals with the activities like purchasing of physical goods such as books or some consumer products or buying information goods like software, games, e-books, songs, etc. It also provides e-banking facility to the consumers.
  3. Consumer-to-Consumer or C2C: It deals with the activities between different consumers. The examples of this type of e-commerce include an online auction, file exchange or peer to peer system for money.
  4. Business-to-Government or B2G: This field of e-commerce is applied between businesses and government. It is used for the activities like licensing process and some government operations.

Though, the knowledge of different types of E-commerce bears a great importance to develop an E- commerce dissertation. However, you can consult our top consultants at “Dissertation Consultancy” to get more information or guidance for your e-commerce dissertation.

What are the advantages of using E- commerce?

Some of the advantages are:

  • Increases the scope of business: If you are an entrepreneur and running your own business, then you are limited to an area where you can provide your service. And, if you have an e-commerce business site then you can provide your services from any part of the world & hence increases the scope of your business.
  • The Increase in number of customers: Physical retailing of a business is based on branding and customer relationships. But in e-commerce sites, your website can be made visible on search engines and today most of the customers prefer online purchasing of goods.
  • Lower cost: It is one of the advantages of using the e-commerce technology. The lower prices can be presented as discounts to the customers. Some of the ways that lower the cost are by using real estate, marketing, and advertising.
  • Save time and cost: For purchasing from a store you have to travel a lot but through e-commerce you can simultaneously purchase many items by just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Provide information about the products: By using e-commerce method you can purchase goods by comparing it with different aspects like cost, quality, availability, etc. You also have the option to choose your favorite brand.

Thus, having so many uses, it can be used easily to enjoy shopping. It is the easiest way to shop for items of your choice.
So, you must focus on the important aspects while preparing your e- commerce dissertation so that you can gain complete knowledge about the subject.

Reach us to experience the top consultation services:

  • Our consultants will help you in selecting a suitable topic for your dissertation.
  • Our top consultants help you to develop research questions and hypotheses for your e-commerce thesis by using different data collecting plans.
  • They will analyze your report to check for the content structure that you have used, the style, tone, grammar & the level of detailed information that you have used to prepare your e-commerce dissertation.
  • They also help you in finding the research problem statement.
  • The consultants help you in developing an approach to review the literature.
  • They also help you out in preparing you for your dissertation defense.

Dissertation Consultancy is the correct platform where you will get the complete assistance from our top consultants for preparing your E-commerce dissertation.

With the help of our experienced consultants from the most recognized universities in the US & UK such as Cardiff University, Harvard University, etc., you will be able to present an outstanding dissertation that awards you top grades in your academics.

With the team of having 150+ top consultants, you are completely assured to opt our consulting services. Our consultants are highly experienced in specific fields and understand your problem to assist you in the right way.

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