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Education Dissertation

Education Dissertation


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A degree in Education is associated with learning, teaching and training careers, which means you have to work with a number of children and young people. A dissertation works best to prepare you about the working practices in a teaching organization, on the other hand, you must be prepared to discover various approaches that add a focused knowledge to a particular field.

150+ Ph.D. holders at Dissertation Consultancy are subject specialists and have assisted thousands of students with various research titles, such as some precise topics like child development, teaching methodology, homeschooling, along with some intense research areas like social factors and its influence on a child's learning abilities & performance. Call us today and get the assistance you need for your dissertation from our expert consultants.

Education Research: Develop A Multidisciplinary Approach For It

As you know, a wide range of subjects fall under the umbrella of an educational research, which makes it completely different from laboratory-based clinical research. Though it's not a scientific research, but to study the theoretical paradigms of educational activities, you have to carry out the process with multiple approaches, such as:

  • The research methods and data interpretation should be derived from social sciences.
  • The centered focus on numerical data, generated for surveys, make it somewhat similar to a scientific culture.
  • To understand the hierarchical models of complex structures, you have to accentuate the skills of a statistician.

The best way to define the educational development in our society is to conduct a research, and if you are the one with the responsibility to investigate the changes, then it is highly advised to develop a radical approach towards your research question.

How to Pick up a Research Question for Educational Studies

Before you choose a research topic, it's always beneficial to keep the aims of the study in mind. With a defined outcome, it will be easier to translate your ideas in a research question. Follow these tips before you design the research, and pick the best topic for your dissertation:

  • Shortlist the ideas that you are interested about.
  • Take a look at the literature and find out what has already been done.
  • Picture the outcome and major intervention that you want to achieve.
  • Define the group for which you want to apply the results of the research.
  • Find out the relevancy of the issues that you are interested in.

It requires a little brainstorming, mind mapping to come up with a research question. You have to read for topics all around you to find out the expected hypothesis. If you are not contented with the question that you have developed, then it's time to ask the team of Dissertation Consultancy. So far, we have assisted 2000+ doctoral candidates at various stage of a dissertation, call us now and book a consultation to generate a winning research question for you.

Research Methods for Education

The study in education falls under five categories; your research may be one of the following:

  • Survey (done via questionnaire)
  • Case Study (conducted for an organization)
  • Trial (done through a wait-list comparison)
  • Ethnography (based on a culture of a field)
  • Action Research (to solve an immediate or practical problem)

Of all these above methods, action research is the most common and widely used approach in an educational discipline where you, as a researcher, become a part of the process and get involves in its progressive solution. This approach is not about precision, so if your topic demands a fixed value to a decimal place then don't choose this. As an option, get in touch with our research specialists, to know which design and methods fit best to your topic.

Few Education Dissertation Title ideas

While choosing a topic for your research, you have be sure that it must add a significant value to the educational knowledge. Thus, it's always better to ask for expert assistance. Below is a list of title ideas for you to conduct a background research, take a look and expand your ideas:

  1.  What should be the expected age for pre-schooling, 24 months or 4 years?
  2.  Courses in the curriculum of primary schools are more suited to the industrial age.
  3.  Students with failing grades must be put together with high achievers.
  4.  Should mandatory retirement for university professors be enforced?
  5.  Influence of teachers on the character formation of students.
  6.  Why private schools have become a preferred option over publicly-funded schools?
  7.  The decline of public schooling culture in the UK.
  8.  Home-schooled children are not able to cope the challenges of society.
  9.  Participation of government in adult education is a boon to individuals to keep up with changes.
  10.  Holistic education works best to make a children well-rounded individual than academic education.

You are suggested to pick the topic from a research area that is familiar to you. If you can't clarify where your interest fits, then call our experts to give you idea about your research.

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