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Finance Dissertation

Finance Dissertation


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Make your Finance Dissertation Perfect by Proofreading It Well

Finance dissertation requires coherent knowledge. One just simply can’t draft a finance dissertation, if he doesn’t have the skills. Drafting a dissertation is one heck of a job and especially when it contains the finance part.
However, with the right sources, it becomes very easy, and one can easily manage a finance dissertation. Just completing your dissertation will not work as the other important part is still left to be done. Proofreading your dissertation is very important to eliminate all the errors and make it professional for the submission.

To proofread your finance dissertation, it is important that you take help of these effectual tips, which can make your dissertation professional & brilliant.

  1. Proofreading is not an easy task as it requires concentration, time, patience and energy. Avoid proofreading if you are distracted or tired. Proofreading will not help in such conditions.
  2. Gather all the printed references. If your dissertation is in a PDF format, take out the printed copy first. You will find plenty of errors on the paper which you missed in the soft copy.
  3. Mark all the errors with a colored pen so when you edit it you can find them easily.
  4. Take your original work and compare it with your printed copy. Make sure that there is nothing important missing. See if all the data is available.
  5. Divide your dissertation into equal parts. Then start with one section. This will help you in proofreading your dissertation in an easy way.
  6. Proofread all the headings, texts, titles, etc.
  7. Bold all your headings and titles and align your dissertation to make it look clean & professional.
  8. Try the fonts like Times New Roman & Georgia to keep the language professional. Do keep in mind that too much fancy font can ruin the way of presentation. So, keep the font style to the minimum. The font size should be 12. You can increase it if the dissertation demands.
  9. Check all the punctuation. See if you have made any symbol by mistake or if any comma or full stop is missing, These small but important things can really pull off the whole dissertation.
  10. Read each paragraph slowly and read it out loud so you can identify the errors.
  11. Delete all the unnecessary sentences and amend the ones that you think are repeating in the dissertation over & over again.
  12. Don’t depend on the grammar & spell check software. Proofread your dissertation once again after you use all the software.
  13. Follow a particular format in the dissertation. If you have used a significant pattern in a paragraph then try to maintain it in all the paragraphs, This will provide a good structure to your finance dissertation.
  14. Cross check all the numbers, facts, stats and other described things. Stick to the facts and check if everything is falling into one picture.
  15. Don’t submit your dissertation right after you finish it. Give it to your brother/sister and tell them to read it out loud. This will not only help in pointing out the errors, but also you will be able to know which sentence is sounding odd.
  16. It is advised to proofread your dissertation at least thrice. Look for the misspelled words and typos.
  17. Amend all the errors as soon as you find it.

These were some of the helping yet effectual tips that can make your dissertation great & excellent.

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