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HRM dissertation

HRM dissertation


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Human Resource Management is an essential section of any organization as it manages many important tasks such as staff hiring, training and development of employees, employee welfare, rewarding employees for their performance, pay settlement, performance appraisal etc.

The HRM manages the employees in an organization and deals with their issues according to the organization's directives. Therefore, it is an important field of study, and you must understand the significant aspects of HRM field.
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List of some of the important tasks of a human resource manager:

The HR managers has to manage different tasks to achieve various goals for an organization.

  • Training employees
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Organizing events for personal development of employees
  • Managing payroll
  • Providing employee benefits
  • Analyzing the performance of employees

Thus, HR manager plays an important role in managing the activities of an organization.

What are the objectives of Human Resource Management?

The objectives of HRM can be divided into two main sections that are:

  1. Primary Objectives 
  2. Secondary Objectives

Primary objective includes

  • The main aim of HRM is to establish a strong manpower to achieve the desired goals for an organization.
  • To make the correct use of company resources so that more benefits can be achieved.
  • To maintain a respectable relationship between all the members of an organization.
  • Providing useful facilities to the employees of an organization to upgrade their living standard.
  • To establish a refreshing environment for the employees.
  • Providing medical facility to the employees and their family members.

Secondary objectives mainly focus to achieve the primary objectives efficiently, effectively and economically.

Some of the characteristics of HRM:

Human Resource Management has a major function to manage the members of an organization efficiently.

  1. It helps the employees to raise their capacity & potential so that they can become satisfied from their work.
  2. It is the main department of an organization, and all the employees must follow their guidelines.
  3. HRM is continued in its nature as it manages all the sections of a firm throughout at all levels.

By, knowing the main objectives and the characteristics of HRM, help you to get some ideas regarding the subject so that you can choose the most suitable topic for your HRM dissertation. As choosing an appropriate topic is very necessary step for developing an outstanding dissertation.

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