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Journal article assistance at Dissertation Consultancy

Producing the journal article can be the most daunting task of your academic career if the time span between article submission and publication is more than a couple of years.

  • Academic style, especially journals target at the researchers and are expected to be in an outstanding manner. To create a journal for the research assessment, it's mandatory that you put special efforts on:
  • The purpose of the journal.
  • Academic significance of the article.
  • Scoring factors, like editing, formatting, structure and style.

Ph. D. experts at Dissertation Consultancy are well known to provide state-of-art guidance for peer-reviewed journals. Get in touch with the team of 150+ research specialists, to draft the research journals that assert academic contribution.

A Guide to design Academic Journal Articles

Journal articles are considered as the primary source of research material. It is the evidence-based paper, which is generally peer-reviewed to report the current research.

The scholarly publications are usually submitted by doctoral candidates as part of their research. Drafting a journal article is the major step to succeed in the field. However, the format can be quite confusing. Hence, it is advised to get help for our experts to overcome the biggest challenges.

Format of Journal Articles

  • To get an idea of the structure of scholarly articles, read previously reviewed publishings from libraries and online databases. Most vital sections of a research journal are described below:
  • Title: Regardless of the style of work, interactive headings are crucial for the success.
  • Authors and Affiliation: Next comes the part, which describes the amalgamation of the names of authors, departments, and institutes.
  • Abstract: This is the most important section where you will present your whole work in a condensed paragraph.
  • Introduction: In this section, depict clearly what was the problem and what is your research question.
  • Materials and Methods: Here comes the methodology description, where you should explain how did you solved the research question.
  • Results and Findings: Here you will present the research objectives along with reporting the outcome of the entire study.
  • Discussion: This part interprets the results of your research in the context of the existing studies related to the research topic.
  • Acknowledgment: The help you relieved during the research process must be acknowledged in this section.
  • Literature Cited: This part of the journal include alphabetical listing of the references used in the study.
  • Appendices: This section involves raw data, diagrams, maps, figures, and tables, which are non-essential but simplifies the presentation.

If you are required to use journal articles in your research work, then don't get confused with the rigid structure and rigorous inscribing task. Get in touch with the experts at Dissertation Consultancy to scan, and analyze all the articles relevant to your study.

Tips to Create a Journal Article

Journals submitted as a part of the doctoral research are going to be reviewed by the peers, who are experts in their respective fields. Hence, it is essential to take enough time to draft the papers. Few tips to be used are listed below:

  • Make a strategy, before you start drafting. Keep in mind the purpose, assessment and your audience before you start it.
  • It is always a better idea to do a thorough analysis of the existing generals. This way you will get the idea of the style and the structure of the papers.
  • Preparing an outline will be beneficial to save time. You should determine the chapters, word limit of each section, headings and sub-headings in advance.
  • Multiple revisions always work better, to get a flawless paper, consider revising the paper 4-5 times before submission. You can ask for feedbacks at an early stage from your professors to find the glitches.
  • Analyze the reviews provided by your mentors and friends and develop the areas that are lag performance.

Peer-reviewed journals are often considered as the most stressful task of the academics. Of course, it requires highest quality of skills to pen down, but with proper guidance, the task of inscribing and publishing the journal article will be done with ease.

Why Choose Us

Original research can only be represented successfully if there is a scientific vigor in your skills. Let our dedicated staff assist you to win the daunting task. Below is the list of reasons that made us the first choice of 2000+ doctoral candidates till now. Take a look:

  1. We have research specialists, who are experts from various academic disciplines such as economics, social sciences, psychology, physics, engineering and a lot more.
  2. Ph. D. consultants at Dissertation Consultancy are well-versed with the strategic know-hows of each subject, thus can guide you efficiently with the topic selection phase.
  3. We can help you to scan the previously published scholarly journals efficiently, as we have full-text access to online databases like JSTOR, EBSCOhost, Blackwell Synergy, ProQuest, etc.
  4. After reviewing the existing literature, our team can assist you in choosing the methods.
  5. Our experts are closely intimated with various statistical methods, such as qualitative, quantitative and mixed approaches.
  6. With vast knowledge of various test methods like, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Generalized Linear Modeling, Grounded Theory, Content/Thematic Analysis, Exponential, Logistic, and Time Series Models and a lot more, we have an expertise in providing experimental designs
  7. Our analysts can deliver an outline of the journal depending on the complexity of the study.
  8. We are well-known experts to execute statistical analysis with software packages like SPSS, SAS, NVIVO, LISREL, TATA, MATLAB, AtlasTi, etc.
  9. With an experience of publishing hundred of scholarly journal articles in various fields, we can help you to get your work approved in front of the peer-review committee on the go.
  10. Topic selection, methodological specification, findings or discussion, name the section and we will help it. We provide comprehensive journal article assistance for each stage.

Expert analysts at Dissertation Consultancy can review the papers for you to find the impact of your study. This way you will be prepared for the peer-review, so don't wait anymore and call us today to get any help from a team of highly expert research specialists.

Our Guarantees

Our staff of 150+ Ph.D. consultants made us pride to provide a first-rate consultation to thousands of doctoral candidates across the globe. Get customized journal article assistance with following guarantees:

  • 100% confidential and completely safe assistance.
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee.
  • Free reports of Quality Assurance.
  • 24*7 support for one-to-one assistance.
  • Free plagiarism report.

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