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Media Dissertation

Media Dissertation


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Proofread & Edit your Media Dissertation Easily with These 24 Tips

Media dissertation requires thorough information and accurate facts. If you have limited sources then completing your media dissertation will be quite difficult for you. You may feel that handling a media dissertation is difficult in the beginning, but it is not in fact it is quite a fun task.
After choosing the right title, you can pen down your thoughts and form a dissertation. But don’t hurry in submitting it.

Some Useful Tips

In order to submit a dissertation, which is free from all errors, you need to proofread your dissertation. Here are some of the effective & useful tips, which will help you out.

  1. No matter how perfect you think your dissertation is, you need to proofread it to make sure that there are no errors at all.
  2. Proofreading & editing are two different things, don’t mingle them. Make revisions and edit your dissertation. When you are done with the editing proofread it well to check if the proper grammar is present or not.
  3. Don’t follow the grammar check & spelling checkers blindly as they suggest what is right but don’t know what you are trying to explain in your sentence. Before amending any sentence, read it once and see if the correction is changing the meaning of your sentence.
  4. Microsoft Word comes with an excellent feature that is “Track Changes.” Use this feature to know your changes and revert to different revisions.
  5. After completing your dissertation, step away from it. The longer you wait for your dissertation, the better you’ll proofread it. This will help you in comprehend, find & amend the errors.
  6. Before you go for proofreading, run a grammar & spelling check to make sure that you don’t have any wrong spelling.
  7. A better way to proofread your work is to read it out loud. Read each word correctly so you can easily find the mistakes.
  8. Don’t rush into proofreading your dissertation, it should be done on a slow side.
  9. Don’t submit your dissertation right after doing the first proofreading. Let your dissertation have the other set of the eyes.
  10. Give your dissertation to your friend so he/she can read it and point out the mistakes. Ask them to mark the sentences, which according to them doesn’t make any sense.
  11. Do proofreading at least 3 times. This will make your dissertation smooth & error-free.
  12. To see each word clearly, read your dissertation backward.
  13. Look up the spellings. Don’t get confused between two similar spellings. To avoid the typos, use a dictionary. Remember small spelling mistakes can create a bad impression, and so it is important that you amend every spelling that according to you is incorrect.
  14. Bold the headlines and align the content to make your dissertation professional.
  15. Use tables, graphs, charts, etc. to make your dissertation professional and present your data in a perfect manner.
  16. Remember, this is a dissertation that carries half of the total marks so don’t take the risk. Don’t make your assumptions about the things that you aren’t sure. Look on the Internet or take the support of your academic books and stick to the facts.
  17. Don’t forget to cross-check your headlines, titles, and footnotes (if any).
  18. Read your dissertation thoroughly to find out if you have made any repetitions. Modify the repetitive sentences.
  19. Don’t avoid the formatting and the style of your dissertation. Make sure that you use such font that isn’t too stylish and not too plain.
  20. As long as you know that why you are breaking the rules of grammar you can break them.
  21. If you have used a particular formatting in a paragraph, don’t use another one in the second paragraph. Use same formatting throughout your dissertation.
  22. If you are tired or distracted, then you will not be able to do the proofreading. Keep your mind fresh when you take the proofreading.
  23. Proofreading a long dissertation can be a really tough task. So, break it into parts and then proofread every section. It will help you in proofread & edit your dissertation in a better & managed way.
  24. To brush up your grammar skills, you can subscribe to a blog that publishes various grammar posts. It will keep your grammar knowledge up-to-date.

These were 24 tips that will help you in proofreading & editing your dissertation without any problem.

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