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Operations management dissertation

Operations management dissertation


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Operations management subject comes under the field of management that is concerned with designing, controlling, managing the process of production & redesigning the business operations for the production of goods & services.

The main function of operations management is to coordinate the business operations effectively and efficiently by using few resources that timely meet the requirements of the customers.

Operations management is mainly concerned to manage the operations of an organization by converting inputs into outputs where the source of input is the labor, material and energy and output can be the produced goods and services. The main function involved in operations management are acquisition, development & use of available resources to deliver the required services & goods to customers.

The three levels covered under operations management are:

  • Strategic level: It manages the process such as finalizing a suitable place and size of a manufacturing firm, applying the supply chain technologies & determining the structure of communication networks.
  • Operational level: It manages the process such as inventory management, materials handling, production control, traffic handling, scheduling, quality check, and inspection & developing maintenance strategies.
  • Tactical level: This level of operations management solves the issues related to applying project management methods, the used layouts, structure of manufacturing plant & equipment selection.

Thus, the operations management field bears a great importance in business operations and need to be focused very precisely. So, if you are struggling with your operations management dissertation and need any guidance for the same, you can select Dissertation Consultancy for getting the most trusted consulting services.

Reasons for the importance of Operations Management:

It bears importance due to following reasons such as:

  • It is an effective way to reduce the cost of goods & services.
  • It helps in increasing client satisfaction by increasing the revenue.
  • It helps to reduce the use of resources by efficiently using it.

Due to its importance it plays a significant role in academic studies, the students are given operations management dissertation to aware themselves with the main aspects of the subject.

Some of the important topics covered under operations management:

  1. Quality and Inventory Management: This field ensures the quality of the product that is manufactured or can be said as it helps in stock optimization.
  2. Transportation management: It manages the flow of materials in a firm. It performs transportation operations, warehousing, maintaining links, etc.
  3. Supply Chain Management: It manages the multiple tasks simultaneously.
  4. Product Management: The included tasks are product planning, design & development.

The areas mentioned above play an important role and must be included in an operation management dissertation.

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