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Tourism Dissertation

Tourism Dissertation


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Proofread your Tourism Dissertation without Experiencing too many Problems

If you are a tourism aspirant, then you know how important it is to complete and submit your tourism dissertation on time. Because a dissertation contains half of the marks of your finals total, it becomes extremely important to proofread your dissertation and submit it before your deadline ends.
Many of the students don’t pay much heed towards the proofreading. They only finish their dissertations and submit it without checking it. With so many errors, they end up with poor grades and wonder why they got low grades when they followed everything.
Little mistakes made in your dissertation can lead your dissertation to low grades. Below are some of the helpful suggestions that can save you from low or poor grades.

How to Proofread your Tourism Dissertation

However, proofreading a really long document like a dissertation can be really tiring and exhausting but you are required to do it so you can avoid & eliminate all the errors and submit a dissertation, which is free from all the errors.

Here are some of the tips that can be used to proofread any dissertation without breaking a sweat.

  • After completing your dissertation, leave it for a day and then pick up your dissertation again. Read your dissertation again and you will notice many errors & mistakes.
  • To know if you repeated some words too many times, read your dissertation out loud. You will also know if you have inserted any odd phrases or sentences or missing words.
  • Don’t follow the auto-corrects and spelling & grammar checker as the software don’t know what are you trying to say. They just check if the spelling is correct or not even if it is not going with your sentence. So, check these things on your own.
  • You can also take your friends help in your prepared dissertation. Ask them to read your dissertation and point out mistakes and other sentences, which don’t make any sense.

Getting on with the Accurate Format

A dissertation should be according to the university standards and should be up to the mark. So, it is necessary that you take proper care of the format too. Below are some of the suggestions that can help you out:

  1. Use a font that gives a professional look. It can be Times New Roman, Georgia or any other font. Make sure that the font you are willing to use is not too stylish and not too plain.
  2. Keep the size of the words 12. It is an ideal font size and will look better. However, you can also go for a bigger font size if your module booklet says something else.
  3. Bold the headings and align your content. Use bullets, numbers and other things to specify your points.
  4. If you are using figures in a big number then us a table of figures to present your data in an interesting way. You can also use graphs, diagrams and other things to make your data look organized.
  5. Use the spacing of 1.5 to make your sentences look proper & professional.

Don’t Avoid Punctuation

Missing or wrong punctuation can give a poor impression, and it also decreases the clarity of the sentences.

#Read your dissertation and check how many punctuation errors are there.

Similar Words Different Meaning

There are few words that spell same but have different meanings, which ultimately lead to confusion. To avoid this,read your dissertation thoroughly to find out that if you have made any spelling mistakes.

  • Read newspapers, journals novels and other things to improve your vocabulary. Choose your words carefully. The words that you select must convey the meaning. It has seen that many students use jargons to make the sentence look rich in quality, but these words also confuse them many times. So, avoid this.
  • Don’t rely on spell-checkers as they skip many spellings that are correct but don’t go with your sentence.
  • If you are confused in spellings, then use a dictionary to avoid spelling errors. It will help you in differentiating between the spellings used in the UK & US.
  • If you give proper time to your dissertation, then spelling mistakes can be corrected.

Some more Helpful Tips

Here are some more effectual tips to help you in proofreading your dissertation in an easy way.

  • Don’t complete your dissertation in a hurry, give enough time to your dissertation.
  • To avoid repetition complete your dissertation on a daily basis.
  • Read your dissertation thoroughly.
  • If you are proofreading your document for the very first time, then you can also ask your friend to proofread your dissertation.
  • Don’t blindly follow the grammar & spelling checking software.
  • Check your format and see if it follows all the university guidelines.
  • If you need advice, seek the help from your professor.
  • Add captions, tables and graphics to make your dissertation more professional.
  • Take the help of dictionary if you are confused between two words.
  • Eliminate weak sentences and amend all the errors.
  • Pay attention towards the punctuation too.
  • If you find plenty of grammatical & spelling mistakes, then take up the practice exercises to improve.

Proofreading is not a 5 minutes task to do. It is really difficult and consumes plenty of time & energy of a student. Proofreading requires certain skills to correct a dissertation which is very difficult.

This is why most of the candidates take the help of proofreading & editing services. Professional assistance can help a dissertation by amending all the errors and improving the quality.

Get help by contacting Dissertation Consultancy and rest assured as our experts will take care of your dissertation and make it brilliant & professional.

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